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They only care about their site and their opinions

The mods/admins don't want to have anyone learn anything except what they believe. I joined to participate and be helpful, discovered I disagreed with some info that caused my to re-research what I knew about ash content in pet food, thanked poster for reminding me to constantly confirm old beliefs/learning, and then posted what I found out--and was censored! forum is useless and harmful as they do not want people to learn new information--only what they themselves post or agree with and they will censor everything else!

User's recommendation: Avoid for the safety of your cat!

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Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

Admin is insanely controlling

The other reviews are correct. This site is mainly run by women in their 60-80's. This wouldn't be a problem but they are all convinced they have a medical degree and any new information shared will be blocked. Apparently science doesn't evolve. If you're young they will immediately discount your opinion because it alters there ego to learn they are not always correct. These women are entirely stuck in their ways and it's such a shame that they refuse to acknowledge anyone without outside knowledge they may not have. Instead they block you from a conversation so they can stay in their heavily moderated fairytale. User's recommendation: Don't bother. Talk to a vet instead, this site is full of flase information.
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Re: Admin is insanely controlling You're not kidding! I joined to respond to a post 'Urinary blockage and water intake' inorder to provide my experience, with my cat, in this topic so that it might help someone in the future.

My orginal post was edited by a mod/admin to remove links (to other sites as reference/information). I thought 'whatever, your site, your rules'. Then they deleted my second post in the thread entirely! I referred to the product that helped me increase water my cat's water intake (Neater Feeder), an recent article that discussed ash content & who wrote it (in case someone wished to search for, locate, and read it), and information about ingredients listed as 'meals' and 'byproducts' and where to find the info that I thought explained it really well (all without links)!

Now I am having flashbacks that I believe I had joined the site over ten years ago, had been censored then too, said 'screw this' and left... and age has obviously let my memory slip on this random site, thus I joined again, only to be 'omg, what a joke!!' Save yourself time and headache, forum is not truly interested in helping pet owners...

only censoring everything that doesn't lead back to their site & their opinions! Find a forum that actually what members to increase each others knowledge instead...


100% I seriously so confused of the thinking on this website. There was only member one on this website that made me think it was good.

But that is just one member. The rest of the people on this website thinking is strange.

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Goleta, California

Banned me

I was simply waiting to get registered. And I waited about 10 hrs which is extremely long and I did not do anything then out of the blue it said I was banned! Why!? I did not do anything! And I was banned! Stupid website

User's recommendation: Dont use it.

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Calabash, North Carolina

They banned me for not doing things their way